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As tax advisers, we aim to work closely with clients to ensure they pay the correct amount of tax required by law. We will not only help the client to understand the tax implications of any give situation but also give advice on how to conduct their affairs in as tax efficient way as possible.

Personal Tax - Self Assessment

It is our objective to ensure our clients pay the correct amount of tax, file their self assessment tax returns in a timely manner and meet all their statutory deadlines.

We utilise the market leading compliance software and our staff are required to keep up to date with budget and legislative changes through ongoing continual professional courses and technical magazines.

We are always happy to discuss client’s concerns or queries as we understand how important tax and compliance is to each of our clients, especially as a result of the increasingly aggressive stance taken by the HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Planning

We understand that the most effective and efficient tax position is to thoroughly research all options before taking action. In too many instances, we are told about a transaction after the event, when it is too late to structure it in a more tax efficient way.

We, at Behegan Lynes, encourage our clients to come in and see us to discuss financial opportunities or gifts before they happen to ensure that this is therefore achieved in the most efficient way.

We have a wealth of knowledge that considers all aspects of any transaction from income and capital gains tax to stamp duty and inheritance tax.

H. M. Revenue & Customs Investigations

The Revenue are putting more and more resources and staff training towards investigating tax payers than ever before. They have increasingly sophisticated software and systems together with a more aggressive technique and approach. We have been told by our tax compliance insurers that in 2010 there was a 30% increase in tax enquiries over the previous year.

Behegan Lynes have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with Revenue enquiries into business accounts, PAYE or VAT inspection or self assessment tax returns.

We support and assist you throughout the process to try and alleviate as much of the worry and pressure as possible while dealing with the Revenue in a businesslike and positive manner.

We also have an insurance scheme in place for our current client’s to ensure that all our fees in respect of tax enquiries are paid for by our insurers. This is proving to be necessary and invaluable, especially as the costs of dealing with these enquiries can now easily exceed £3,000 + VAT.

Estate Planning and Inheritance tax

Estate planning is not simply reviewing your will and considering the destination of your hard earned savings and possessions.

It starts long before that with the consideration (in the unfortunate event) of how you would like to secure your young children’s future without you, including guardianship.

This is also the only form of tax planning where measures can be put in place to legitimately mitigate tax. By using a tax rather than a legally trained professional ensures you of a more holistic approach.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration

One of our partners has gained a Trust and Estate Practitioners qualification to enable much more concentrated efforts to be applied in bringing together these apparently directly opposed areas of protecting the family, maximising tax savings and safeguarding assets for future generations.

This holistic approach draws on a range of knowledge not often available from solicitors or accountants.

Behegan Lynes are happy to undertake the planning, advice and implementation in house or to work with current solicitors to give a consistent approach.

As part of the services offered by Behegan Lynes we include:

  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Trust and estate tax returns.
  • Will review.
  • Trust drafting.
  • Estate Administration.
  • LPA applications and registrations.
  • Acting as attorney and trustee.

A will is as much about protection as it is about tax efficiency.

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